Reorganizing a file-based or server-based termbase

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Reorganizing a file-based or server-based termbase
This article provides information about how to reorganize a termbase in SDL MultiTerm Desktop
SDL MultiTerm Desktop
  • What is the Reorganization of a termbase?
  • How do I reorganize a termbase?

A reorganization of the termbase does the following:

  • Cleans up the data
  • Speeds up the fuzzy searches
  • Helps reduce the size of the database

A reorganization should be performed after an import of content, regardless if this was into an empty termbase or not. This is because the import of entries, even in an empty termbase, causes a change in the fuzzy index. By reorganizing the termbase, you rebuild the fuzzy index.

How to perform a Reorganization

Note: In order to avoid any issues during the Reorganization process please make sure that the termbase is NOT open in SDL Trados Studio or any other application.

File-based termbases:

  1. Open SDL MultiTerm Desktop.
  2. Click Termbase > Open Termbase and find your termbase.
  3. Open the Termbase Management view.
  4. Select Home Reorganize from the menu.  User-added image
  5. Select one or more termbases that you want to reorganize by ticking the box.
    • If you want the termbase entries to be encrypted, select Encrypt Entries.
    • If you want the termbase to be read-only, select Set termbase to read only.
      NOTE: A read-only termbase cannot be changed back to an editable state. You should make a copy of the termbase if you want to keep an editable version.
    • If you want the termbase to be unreadable after a certain time, select an Expiry date.
  6. Click Next.
  7. When the termbase has been reorganized, the Next button becomes available again, and the Results page is displayed.
  8. Check your search results in the Hitlist after the reorganization; you should see the recognized terms in the Term Recognition and Termbase Search dialog.

Server-based termbases:

  1. Open SDL MultiTerm Desktop -> Administrator (version should be the same as your SDL GroupShare Server). For 2015 and older there is a separate tool called SDL MultiTerm Administrator that needs to be used instead of Desktop.
NOTE: With SDL Multiterm Desktop 2017 and newer versions, the Administrator component is integrated in the SDL Multiterm Desktop software. The Administrator view will become available under the Termbase Management view, right after you add your GroupShare server in File > Setup > Servers.

       2. Login to the  SDL GroupShare server using your credentials.
       3. Right-click the termbase you experience the problem with.
       4. Select Stop Termbase.
       5. Right-click on the termbase again.
       6. Select Reorganize.
       7. Click Next
User-added image

       8. When the termbase has been reorganized, the Next button becomes active again and the Results page is displayed.
       9. To make the termbase available to all users again, right-click it and select Start Termbase.

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