WorldServer - Error at 'Generate Translation Kit' or 'Create Project Package' step - Pending claimant must be one of the assignees of the next task-step

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Error at Create Project Package or Generate Translation Kit step:

Completed Create Project Package step of task 2 in time [00:00:02] on engine [XXXX003:clone#1643725918:engine#8] with result Error. Execution output: Error while executing automatic action: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Pending claimant must be one of the assignees of the next task-step
The Create Project Package is a new step introduced in WorldServer 11.6. with additional feature. In earlier versions, the step was called Generate Translation Kit. The symptoms described here apply to both automatic steps.

Resolution 1: Update the project creator's user settings to include the Workflow Role(s) assigned to the human step after Generate Translate Kit. You can also do this ad-hoc for the specific project's tasks by selecting all the Tasks and go to Change Assignee and assign the project submitter to the human step (i.e. Translate). Once this is done, complete the Autoerror. 

Resolution 2: if #1 is not a valid option for you because you do not want a project submitter to be assigned to a Translate step (as an example), you can configure your workflow to overcome this restriction as follows:

1- Go to Management > Administration > Customization and in the Custom component type: drop down menu, select Attributes. The list of Attributes will display.
2- Click on the Add button to create a new Attribute
3- Create an Attribute of type Applicable Object Type Project and Attribute Type User.
4- The Internal (API) Name must be TranslationKitUser. The External (UI) Name can be whatever you want, i.e simply Translation Kit User.
5- Attribute Validator: use Sample-Administrator User Validator
6- Default Value: in the scroll down menu, you will find a list of users based on their names (not usernames). Select the one you want to associate with this attribute per default. Ideally, it should be an administrator user that has all locales, workgroups, clients and workflow roles associated with it. Make a note of the username associate of this user (look it up in the User's settings).
7- Save your project attribute. This is an example of how it could look like:

User-added image

8- Now you need to add a Set Project Attribute step to your workflow before Create Project Package (or Generate Translation Kit) and configure it to point to the TranslationKitUser attribute and the user you want to be used per default. Note, you need to enter the username of the user, not the name. This is how such a step could look like, following the settings above:

User-added image

9- Once you have added the Set Project Attribute step to your workflow, save your changes in the Workflow Editor. Now the submitter won't have to be an assignee of the human step.

Another possible  workaround to avoid the restriction is to configure the Kit Exporter Type in the Generate Translate Kit Automatic Action to use Assets instead of Tasks. Using Assets is not dependent on the submitter being an assignee of the human step set after the Generate Translate Kit step. In fact, if you select this option, there is no requirement for a human step to be set right after Generate Translate Kit.

A side effect of selecting Kit Exporter TypeAssets is that although the exported WSXZ package will be named after the project, for instance: project_Test Generate Translation Kit_1_1529_Dutch (Netherlands)_workbench.wsxz, once you open the package in SDL Trados Studio, it will display with a  generic project name such as Adhoc_Project_xxxxxxx_xxxxxx"(where the first 8 digits stand for the date of the export and the last 6 digits are random). Here is an example:

User-added image

The Return package will automatically be named to Adhoc Project_xxxxxxx_xxxxxx.sdlrpx.wsxz and while the import will still work, the fact that the project name is not displayed might be confusing to translators.

Another side effect of working with WSXZ packages exported with the option Assets instead of Tasks is that the import of Return packages is not recorded in the Task History, although the import had no error.

An enhancement request has been filed to remove the restriction of the project submitter being an assignee of the human step following Generate Translation Kit and/or Create Project package. The enhancement request ID is: CRQ-20642
Root Cause
The error happened because the Create Project Package Automatic Action is

1- Configured with Kit Exporter Type: Tasks
2- The Create Project Package Automatic Action is followed by a human step, for instance Translate (or it could be any other human step)
3- This human step is assigned to users with a specific Workflow Role, for instance Project Manager

However the project creator is not associated with the Project Managers workflow role, which is a normally requirement.

Note: if the human step following Create Project Package is assigned to two different Workflow Roles (i.e. Translators and Reviewers), the project creator must belong to both Workflow Roles, not just one of them. 
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