How to disable User Account Control for Windows 7

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Scope/EnvironmentWindows 7
In some rare cases, the User Account Control feature in Windows 7 can prevent write access to some files and folders. Without such write access, SDL Trados might not install properly.

Follow these instructions to turn off UAC:



  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.
    Start Menu Windows 7



  2. Select the option Change User Account Control settings.
    Disable UAC



  3. Move the slider down to the bottom of the line, next to Never notify.
    Never Notify



  4. Click OK to save all changes.



  5. Close all open programs and save any open work.


Your User Account Control (UAC) is now turned off.

Re-install your SDL Trados software to fix any errors from the previous installation and then re-enable the previous UAC state as you see fit.

  • Restart your computer.
Root Cause
If you are experiencing problems with installation, or with starting the software for the first time, it may be advisable to disable the User Account Control (UAC) for Windows 7, reinstall SDL Trados, and then re-enable UAC. Installation is normally successful without disabling this Windows feature so only follow these steps if nothing else helps to resolve your issue.

The Windows 7 UAC feature helps standard users and administrators to protect their computers by preventing programs that might be malicious from running. UAC also helps enterprise administrators to protect their network by preventing users from running malicious software. After you have followed the instructions above and disabled UAC, you can turn UAC on again. This is recommended by Microsoft.

For instructions on how to turn off UAC on Windows Vista, please refer to article How to disable User Account Control for Windows Vista.

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