MultiTrans - TextBase contains a language with the name "???" in the Administration Console

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When examining the properties of a TextBase (accessed via Servers > your server URL > TextBases and Team Server > Properties) there is a language whose name is just three question marks ("???"):
Requires access to the server.

1. Copy the folder path of the TextBase location in the TextBase's properties then open that folder:
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2. Go to the Indexes subfolder:
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3. Sort the list of files in the Index folder by Type - the files with the .terms file extension all contain a language code. Make a note of each language code:
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In this example, the language codes are "eng" (English), "TEST1" and "TEST2". "TEST2" is the language that has been removed from the selected languages.

4. In the Administration Console, go to Security > Languages > Update Selection then search for the name of the language that has been removed. Click the > button to add it to the selected languages then click OK.

5. Select Console > Disconnect then Console > Connect and re-connect to the server to reload the information in the Administration Console.

6. The re-selected languages will no longer have the name "???":
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Root Cause
If a TextBase contains content for a certain language which is then removed from the selected languages (accessed via Security > Languages > Update Selection in the Administration Console), it will have the name '???' when viewing the properties of the TextBase.
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