For Tridion Sites 9.1, error "unable to load the DynamicContentModule" while browsing the DXA 2.2 website

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SDL Tridion Sites 9.1, DXA 2.2 (.NET)
- When end-user browses to DXA website, error "unable to load the DynamicContentModule" is seen as discussed in Tridion Stackexchange post
- When administrator runs PS cmdlet "sync-ttmcdenvironment -timeout 1000 -Id CD_ENVIRONMENT_ID", multiple rows are added aside from the default row DefaultEnvironment Environment com.sdl.web.discovery.datalayer.model.Environment, such as
3781c67f-93a7-473f-bca8-d656e86fc847 Web BaseURLs com.sdl.web.discovery.datalayer.model.BaseURL
- After removing extraneous rows as discussed in KB article In SDL Web, Content Service throwing error - Not possible to retrieve the dynamic configuration, issue is resolved.  However administrator would like to resolve issue permanently.
Issue no longer reproducible after adding the FlushInterval param to the Discovery Storage element as below.
<Storage Class="" FlushInterval="3000" Id="defaultdb" Type="persistence" dialect="MSSQL">

If issue persists, administrator should try raising the FlushInterval param value.  If issue still persists, submit a ticket to SDL Support.

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