After Web 8.5 broker database upgrade, CPU utilization continuously spiking to near 100% because of website load

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Web 8.5
- Customer has recently upgraded CM environment from Web 8.1.1 to Web 8.5.
- Customer is using the legacy publishing framework and in-process API.
- When the broker database was upgraded from Web 8.1.1 to Web 8.5, administrators see that the DB server CPU utilization is continuously spiking to near 100% as in below screenshot.  As a result, sites were not loading and publishing was unsuccessful.
User-added image
- Before upgrade, average database connections were 25.  After database upgrade, connections are increasing from 25 to 100+.
- Publishing activity does not have a significant impact on the broker database CPU utilization, only site load.
- Hotfix CD_8.5.0_14124 has been applied to broker database, but issue persists.  This hotfix applies missing foreign key indexes on the broker database which would cause deadlocks on heavy load.
- On inspecting the broker database, administrators see that the cd_broker generated queries do not have the NAMESPACE_ID as an included column.
Issue resolved after applying the in-process API hotfix CD_8.5.0.16977, which is a cumulative hotfix includes the original hotfix CD_8.5.0.16977.  As noted in below KB article, custom indexes should have the NAMESPACE_ID column.
In SDL Web, broker database server CPU goes to 100% gradually after browsing to a DD4T webpage and making taxonomy calls

See below KB article on instructions on how to download SDL Web hotfixes.
Where can I find hotfixes for SDL Tridion Sites/Web?

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