How to recreate a Translation Memory to resolve general issues or remove duplicate Translation Units in SDL Trados Studio

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Article TypeSolution Article
Scope/EnvironmentSDL Trados Studio 2021
SDL Trados Studio 2019
SDL Trados Studio 2017
SDL Trados Studio 2015
A Translation Memory (TM) seems to have become sluggish or contains undesirable duplicate Translation Units (TU). You may also encounter issues when using or trying to upgrade the TM.


Recreate the translation memory (duplicate TUs are automatically omitted from the import and some structural errors are fixed):
  1. Export the content of the affected TM, by opening it in the Translation Memories View and right-clicking the TM's name and choosing "Export"
  2. Create a new TM by right-clicking your original TM's name and choosing "New Translation Memory From"
  3. Open the TM created in step 2 in the Translation Memories View, right-click it and choose "Import", to import the .tmx generated in step 1

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User-added image

Root Cause
TM is old and large and has not been re-indexed for a long time, or it has been damaged in some way (by a system crash, data transfer, a 3rd-party application, etc.).
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