After upgrading SDL WorldServer or after migrating it to a new server, file attributes of projects created before the upgrade or change cannot be downloaded anymore

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Scope/EnvironmentSDL WorldServer
After upgrading SDL WorldServer or after migrating it to a new server, file attributes belonging to projects created after the upgrade or after the server change cannot be downloaded anymore. When trying to download them from the respective attribute name column (i.e. Reference files) column or from Change Attributes or from the Project Information window, I get an internal error. When expanding the error (or checking it in the ws.log), this error can be found:

The selected file or location does not exist.

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The location of file attributes is configured in file as described in this article:

SDL WorldServer - Where to find WorldServer Project File Attributes on the server

If you want to quickly check the current and valid folder path, upload any test file to a project as project attribute. Then hover your mouse over the attachment. You will see the path  as part of the URL. See screenshot below for clarification:

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You can do the same thing with the attachment that cannot be downloaded, in case you do not know where the "old" attribute folder is stored on the server.

To solve this problem, copy the content of the "old" attributes folder to the new one. All attribute files need to be copied over to the new directory.

Moreover, the absolute path must be changed in the Database as well. To do so, follow the instructions in this article:

After an SDL WorldServer upgrade, reference files/project attributes are no longer visible in active projects created before the upgrade
Root Cause
The location of the attributes folder has changed after upgrade or after the migration to a different server.
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