Error message when starting a Translation Project using the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) connector to SDL TMS or SDL WorldServer

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Scope/EnvironmentAdobe Experience Manager (AEM), TMS, WorldServer

When clicking Start Translation in a SDL TMS or SDL WorldServer system that is integrated with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), one of the following error messages pops up:

  1. Error Taking Action
  2. Translation not supported for language pair​



    1. Error Taking Action

    If you see Error Taking Action, this means the connector has not been installed or configured correctly:

    1. Check the WorldServer API hotfixes have been installed that support the Rest API endpoint updates.
    2. If you are installing an update to a previous connector, and especially if this coincides with an update to AEM, ensure all previous versions of the connector are fully uninstalled.

    2. Translation not supported for language pair

    If you see Translation not supported for language pair, this means the language mapping between AEM and SDL has not been configured correctly:

    1. Check you are using the correct source language code in AEM - ie English (en) or English (en-us). Check you are using the correct target language code in AEM - ie German (de) or German (de-de)
    2. Ensure the Language Mapping table in the SDL connector is configured correctly to match your AEM languages and SDL TMS or SDL Worldserver languages. The connector creates a standard language mapping based on out-of-the-box language codes - these can often be changed by customers both in AEM and SDL TMS or WorldServer.
      NOTE: SDL Worldserver language codes use hyphens in the UI (EN-US), but use underscores in the API (EN_US), so be sure to use underscores in the mapping table
    3. Try restricting the language codes in SDL WorldServer to provide only the languages required for the connector.

    NOTE: Always check the files you are sending are set as translatable in AEM:

    1. Open the files tab in the Translation Job.
    2. Check the status shows Draft.
    3. If any status shows Do Not Translate, then AEM is blocking those items from being sent to translation.
    Root Cause
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