MultiTerm / Trados Studio does not open after clicking on its icon

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Article TypeSolution Article
Scope/EnvironmentMultiTerm Desktop
Trados Studio
Windows 10
MultiTerm Desktop/ Trados Studio does not open after clicking on its icon.

Actually, it does start but not in full view. You can only notice it when you hover your cursor over its icon in the Taskbar.

If the window is not minimized, please see: Trados Studio does not start.
Hover your mouse pointer over the Multiterm Desktop/ Trados Studio icon in your taskbar and wait for the miniature window to appear. Then right-click on it and select Maximize.

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Root Cause
1. This can happen in a multi-screen environment if the product was opened and not closed on a screen that was removed. The application remains 'stuck' on the no longer existing screen

2. This also used to happen in a specific version of Multiterm Desktop 2019 (Build - if you minimized the software and closed it from the taskbar or task manager. The next time you launched it was still minimized in the taskbar.

This was raised in the past with development as a defect (CRQ-11258) and was fixed in MultiTerm 2019 CU04 (Build, Released on 13 May 2019)
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