In SDL Web, broker database server CPU goes to 100% gradually after browsing to a DD4T webpage and making taxonomy calls

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SDL Web 8.5
- When browsing to a particular page on website, DB usage starts to go up to 100% within a minute.
- SDL Web 8.5 is installed, and DD4T 2.2 used for website.
- Same code was used on a Tridion 2013 SP1 website, and did not exhibit the offending issue.
- Queries which are most frequently called and are longest are category/keyword related queries.... components on the page in question use keywords.
- Both object cache and application cache (on presentation layer) are enabled.
- Other pages besides the offending page will also take excessively long to load, perhaps 30 seconds max.
- Below code takes six seconds to execute
var filter = new CompositeFilter(); 
filter.DepthFiltering(DepthFilter.UnlimitedDepth, DepthFilter.FilterDown); 
taxonomyFactory.GetTaxonomyKeywords(tcm:20-76-512, filter, new TaxonomyListFormatter()).KeywordChildren.Cast<Keyword>().ToList();
- Below code takes 90 seconds maximum to execute.
IsOperator: true 
query.SetResultFilter(new LimitFilter(6)); 
criteriaList is made up of the following
{Criteria: PublicationCriteria, operator: =, publicationId: 20} 
{Criteria: ItemSchemaCriteria, operator: =, schemaId: 27918} 
{Criteria: TaxonomyKeywordCriteria, publicationId: 20, taxonomyId: 77, taxonomyKeywordId: 15414, includeKeywordBranches: False} 
{Criteria: CustomMetaValueCriteria, operator: =, metaDataType: FLOAT, metadataField: brandAssociationCount, keyValue: 1} 
Criteria clientNameCriteria = new TaxonomyKeywordKeyCriteria(tcm:20-76-512, "KEYWORD_NAME", false); 
query.Criteria = new AndCriteria(criteriaList.ToArray()); 
- Webpages are slow to load when taxonomy hierarchy is hit at the lowest level.  Going up the hierarchy tree, page loads are much faster.  


Issue will be resolved after:
- applying hotfix CD_8.5.0.7949 to content delivery environment.  See below article for instructions on how to download hotfix
Where can I find hotfixes for SDL Tridion/Web?
- ensuring that any custom indexes have the NAMESPACE_ID column.


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