SDL TMS - Tasks are stuck at 'Moving to Next Step' after user submitted from Inbox

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Article TypeSolution Article
Scope/EnvironmentSDL TMS
A user submits a batch of files from the inbox to be moved to the next step in the workflow.
The tasks are now stuck at the "Moving to" step of the workflow.
Defect CRQ-10184 was released as a hot fix for this issue and is available in SDL Community post for TMS 12.1.  As always, we do recommend updating to the latest version of TMS to reap the benefits of any other improvements that have been made since this version of TMS was released.
Root Cause
When submitting, the tasks are
  • Validated in the system for the required permissions
  • Updated in the database to appear as moving to next step (this ensures that no other users can submit the tasks and cause conflict errors).
  • Messages are placed on the queue to move the tasks to the next step.
High CPU usage is affecting the TMS website from adding these messages to the queue leaving the tasks in the moving to status.
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