SDL WorldServer - Unable to login to WorldServer following upgrade to 11.x - WorldServer API not available!

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SDL WorldServer 11.x
Following an upgrade to 11.x, the user is unable to login to WorldServer and the login screen displays the error message

World Server API not available!

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The ws.log file shows an error indicating the file cannot be found. Here is an example of the error (the path will vary):

E:\app\Idiom\WorldServer\tomcat\webapps\WS_CONFIG\ (The system cannot find the file specified)
Note: When this error appears it is necessary to first get the ws-legacy/login to work correctly before addressing the new UI error. Correcting the failure for the legacy view might resolve the new UI. If the legacy UI can be accessed correctly and without error, thee might be the root causes:

Root Cause 1:
The database had not been upgraded and the schema was incorrect or still at an earlier version.

Root Cause 2:
The files aren't properly configured or the database property settings are incorrect

Root Cause 3:
The database connection isn't configured properly in

Root cause 4: 
Wrong Certificate was added

Root cause 5:
The Application Server on which WorldServer is deployed is running Windows 10 or Windows 2016
Resolution for Root Cause 1:
Run all the database upgrade scripts to upgrade the WorldServer database to the installed version.

Resolution for Root Cause 2:
There are two possible causes for this scenario.

1- Per the WorldServer documentation in the section titled Installing and configuring WorldServer, the ws.api.url and ws.legacy.url values must be configured in the file located in the WS_CONFIG folder.

The installer does not update the configuration property files so they need to be manually configured.

Update the file by uncommenting and configuring the following properties: 
  • ws.legacy.url (for example,
  • ws.api.url (for example, http://
  • ws.api.version (for example, v1)
In this scenario the file was placed in the WS_CONFIG location and both the ws.legacy.url and ws.api.url were included in the file.

Once the file is corrected, restart the Idiom service and the error message will not display. The user will be able to successfully login to WorldServer.

Resolution for Root Cause 3:
Another possible cause of this error is a mismatch of the database entries between different property files.

In one case the database entry in under WS_CONFIG was different than the database entry in under WS_CONFIG\ws-api.

For example:


This causes a failure where the client fingerprint cookie doesn't match up.  For more information on the client fingerprint, check the Oracle documentation.

Resolution for Root Cause 4:
Refer to this article for resolution steps: Error 'WorldServer API not available' in New UI and 'Unable to find valid certification path to requested target' in WorldServer logs.

Resolution for Root Cause 5:
For this case the mandatory settings that are found in theregistry must be also deployed in ws-Confi/ws-api. These settings are all four settings related to the Database and the two settings related to the the temp folder.

Note: This defect has been addressed as of WorldServer 11.5

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