WorldServer - How to restart the Workflow Engine via ws_gate

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Scope/EnvironmentSDL WorldServer
Jobs hang in the Workflow engine queue with status On Queue instead of Executing
Use ws_gate to start the Workflow Engine without having to restart WorldServer. Follow these steps:
1- In WorldServer, go to the Assignments page
2- In the address bar, replace assignments? with ws_gate?action=start_workflow_engine and click Enter
3- check the foo.xml file for confirmation that the restart was successful
4- check the Workflow Engine Queue or re-do any Autoerror that points to a workflow engine issue

Note: This will start 1 workflow engine. If WorldServer is configured with more than one workflow engine,  the action above will need to be repeated as many times as the number of engines. You can check the number of WFE running using debug.jsp as explained in this article:

How to run debug.jsp on a WorldServer page

If this method does not help, restart WorldServer (Idiom Services).

Root Cause
The Workflow Engine hangs. No jobs are processed.
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