SDL Trados Studio - Opening Project package results in error: An error occurred extracting the package. Cannot find central directory.

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Scope/EnvironmentSDL Trados Studio

You receive a project package from a client, translator or reviewer with the extension *.sdlppx, *.sdlrpx, *.ttp, *.stppk or *.wsxz. When you open it in SDL Trados Studio, you encounter the following error:

  • An error occurred extracting the package. Cannot find central directory

  • Cannot find central directory


Here are some workarounds that you could try:

  1. Recreate the project package and send it again.
  2. Check the WorldfServer project from which the WSXZ package has been exported and make sure all the source files have been correctly segmented and that they are not in error at the Save or Save target step. If there is not Save or Save target step after segmentation, open each file in Browser Workbench and do a Save to confirm that there is no error. You will most likely find the file/task that cannot be saved. This is the task/file that causes the error when exported to a WSXZ package. The error needs to be fixed and the the project should be re-exported to a new WSXZ package.
  3. Add file extension exceptions to your AntiVirus/Firewall list. The extensions that need to be added are
    • *.sdlppx
    • *.sdlrpx
    • *.ttp
    • *.wsxz
    • *.stppk
  4. Deactivate AntiVirus/Firewall suite protection before receiving a project package.
  5. Instead of sending project packages via e-mail, put them on an FTP server or use a FileSharing Host and provide a download link.
  6. Check if the download stream is not already in use because of other running downloads.
Root Cause
This behaviour/error might occur during the transfer of the project package. The behaviour is similar to problems that may occur with compressed *.zip, *.rar, * etc. packages of known compressing tools like WinZip.

The corruption of SDL project packages can have several causes. The following list shows the common factors:
  1. During project package creation, unexpected behaviour without notice causes corruption but the package is still created.
  2. If the package comes from SDL WorldServer, one of the WorldServer project files might have not been segmented correctly or runs into an error when saved in Worldserver. If the error is ignored and the package is exported anyway, the corresponding sdlxliff file will be corrupted, causing the error
  3. Slow download connection or a Internet connection that often disconnects during the project package download.
  4. Project packages that are sent from a client via E-Mail but are first checked for any threatening content.
  5. AntiVirus/Firewall suites that check files before, during or after the download and try to "repair" (in fact delete) package content.
  6. AntiVirus/Firewall suites that include checks for E-Mail attachments and content or compressed packages, for example *.zip files and try to "repair" (in fact delete) package content.
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