Troubleshooting slow performance in Trados Studio and MultiTerm

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Scope/EnvironmentTrados Studio 2017

Trados Studio and MultiTerm may exhibit the following performance issues:

  • Extremely slow to open documents, reference translation memories or function in any respect
  • Hanging for long periods of time, often displaying the “Not Responding” notification
  • Failing to open at all.

Trados Studio and MultiTerm are engineered to use the My Documents folder in Windows as a repository for many files and settings that are used each time the applications are opened.

The following folders are created in Windows during installation:

C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\Documents\SDL Trados Studio 2017

If the above folders are located on a remote system (server) RWS software attempts to access this information and exhibits performance problems due to slow network activity between your PC and the network drive where your files are saved.

It is recommended that you:

  • Use a local user account (a non-roaming user) in Windows when running Trados Studio and MultiTerm.
  • Ensure that folder synchronization and folder redirection between the My Documents folder and a network drive is disabled.
Root Cause
One reason for these symptoms, which are more common to corporate environments, is the usage of roaming profiles and folder redirection. When using roaming profiles in Windows or a synchronized My Documents folder on a server, Trados Studio and MultiTerm perform much slower than expected.

Refer to the Microsoft Help pages for instructions on how to disable mapping of the My Documents folder to a network drive:
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