Adding online resources to the SDL Multiterm Widget

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Scope/EnvironmentSDL MultiTerm Widget
You have online resources and you would like to customize the SDL MultiTerm Widget to access them directly. By default, MultiTerm Widget already has a set of predefined providers.

However, you can add other providers by manually editing the file WidgetSearchProviders.xml.


To configure MultiTerm Widget to access other online dictionaries:

  1. Make sure that MultiTerm Widget is closed.
  2. Find the following directory on your machine:
    • For SDL MultiTerm Widget 2015: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Multiterm Widget\MultiTerm12
    • For SDL MultiTerm Widget 2017: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Multiterm Widget\MultiTerm14
  3. Right-click on WidgetSearchProviders.xml and select Open with > Notepad++ (or another text editor).
  4. Here you can configure and add the desired search provider.


Example 1

Add the search engine Yahoo!:


Example 2

Add the online dictionary
NOTE: the URL for this online dictionary already contains references to the source language German (de) and the target language English (en): deen

Root Cause

When editing the file WidgetSearchProviders.xml, keep in mind the following:

  • <SearchProvider> - The text between these tags will be displayed on the Search button and the context menu for web search.
  • <Url> - The text between these tags will be sent to your web browser; it allows you to specify three parameters that will be replaced before sending the URL (none of them are mandatory):
    • {0} is the source language.
    • {1} is the target language.
    • {2} is the search term.
  • Make sure that you use XML entities in the URL string (the WidgetSearchProviders.xml file is an XML file). So for an ampersand that adds another parameter, you should use &amp;
  • <Icon> - Put the image file of the icon you want to use for the website between these tags.
  • <LanguageMapping> - This may be relevant to display the web page in another language; different websites use different ways of representing languages.

For more advanced instructions on adding resources to your SDL MultiTerm Widget, refer to KB article The SDL MultiTerm Widget and how to add custom search providers..

For more information on language mapping and how to format the XML file, refer to the online help: Adding External Web Search Providers.

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