Cumulative Updates for Trados GroupShare 2020

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TitleCumulative Updates for Trados GroupShare 2020
Scope/EnvironmentTrados GroupShare 2020
We are constantly reviewing and improving our products and in result enhancements and fixes to resolve issues that user are experiencing are released as required.
This article lists the enhancements and fixes for Trados GroupShare 2020 to date.
Hotfixes are bundled into cumulative updates or service releases that are can be installed using the relevant, full installer for Trados GroupShare 2020.

User-added image Trados GroupShare 2020 Cumulative Update 2 - Build (released on 30 March 2020)

This installer, named SDLTradosGroupShare2020_15.0.2.2091.exe (1,8 GB) is a full installer and can be used to install fresh instances as well as perform an update from Trados GroupShare 2017 SR1 CU11 (Build 60653) and Trados GroupShare 2020 (CU01).

The installer is available in the DOWNLOADS area of relevant RWS accounts at

For more information on all fixes and enhancements included in the cumulative updates for Trados GroupShare 2020, see the below list.

This update includes the following changes:

 It is now possible to activate both editions of the Online Editor, Basic and Advanced, at the same time.
  • For details on the Basic and Advanced editions of the Online Editor in Trados GroupShare, please follow this link to our online help: Online Editor editions
  • New option is available for the Open in Editor button.
    Depending on the license they have purchased and the number of available CALs, users can choose to translate/review a file by selecting either Basic or Advanced on the Open in Editor button in the view pages of a project.
  • Automatic restart of the Application Server.
    The Application Server restarts automatically once the activation screen is closed if a new license is activated OR if the same license is activated after changing its configuration. 
  • Updated Swagger interactive documentation.
  • Updated the list of available file types with RTF and PSD.
  • Project creation is no longer allowed when the file is empty.
  • The following Trados Studio with Trados GroupShare items have passed the Beta phase and are fully available: Analyze and Translate batch task, Prepare with GroupShare. 
  • Extremely long segments (2000 characters or more) caused performance issues and triggered exceptions when searching in translation memories or when performing other tokenization-related operations. Now, any segment longer than 2000 characters will be included in the word count and will be stored in the TM. However, these long segments will not be retrieved as matches during translation.
  • Make sure that you update both client and server to their latest versions, Trados Studio 2019 SR2 CU06 and Trados GroupShare 2020 CU02, to benefit from consistent word count results. Any other combination of client and server applications may lead to slightly inconsistent word counts in documents with such long segments. (CRQ-18238)

Resolved issues:

  • Executing TM update tasks using the “Overwrite existing translation units” option now works as expected and no ‘TranslationProviderThrewException’ is displayed anymore. (CRQ-17855)
  • After renaming a termbase, the updated name is now correctly reflected in the web UI. (CRQ-4598)
  • File Analysis hits are properly displayed when the source language is Japanese. (CRQ-17376)
  • Deleting multiple projects and organization at once works properly. 
  • Project creation no longer fails when the source file type is: Portable Object and PSD. 
  • Target segment content in the Online Editor would be lost when inserting AutoSuggest with mouse-click operations. This is now fixed. 
  • Licensing page now contains a scroll bar, and content is visible regardless of resolution.
  • Error on executing script ProjectServer.Tables.10.Upgrade.sql during upgrade was fixed.
  • Termbases with special characters in the name are displayed correctly.
  • Character hitlist browsing now works in MultiTerm Online. The entry pane displays the selected term; previously it would only display the first loaded term.

Known issues:

  • When adding a custom field during project creation on the web UI, it can happen that it’s not possible to click Finish after placing the cursor into the “Select a custom field” area. 

User-added image Trados GroupShare 2020 Cumulative Update 1 - Build (released on 11 December 2019)

This installer, named SDLTradosGroupShare2020_15.0.1.1611.exe (1,7 GB) is a full installer and can be used to install fresh and upgrade from Trados GroupShare 2015 latest CUs, Trados GroupShare 2017 SR1 CU10 (Build 60175) and Trados GroupShare 2020.

For now, you can download the installer using this link: SDLTradosGroupShare2020_15.0.1.1611.exe.
The installer will further soon be available in the DOWNLOADS area of all relevant RWS accounts at

This update includes the following changes:

  • A new version of the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server was added. This addresses issues with MultiTerm Server connecting to databases if TLS 1.0/1.1 is disabled (CRQ-12665).
  • Improved behavior for user management:
    • When moving a user to another organization, you now need to select the role the user will have in new organization. Previous roles in other organizations will be preserved.
    • When moving users from a certain organization that organization is not displayed in the drop-down list.
    • When moving users from multiple organizations, all organizations will be displayed in the drop-down list.
  • Improved UI elements in the reports area.
  • Updated Swagger documentation.
  • Added a new column in Reporting for linked organizations.
  • Projects Created Per Month report now exclude the pending deletion projects.
  • Made security and performance improvements on reporting.
  • Made security and performance improvements on DB (CRQ-15970).
  • Fragment matches are now available in the Online Editor.
  • Updated SharpZipLib to version
  • Added a new Language Cloud provider. We removed the user/password connection from GroupShare Console to Language Cloud. We now only support connection via API key (CRQ-14800).
  • Added the number verification check to Online Editor's QA check capabilities.

Resolved issues

  • Choosing to export multiple server TMs at the same time from GroupShare will no longer check out an equal amount of Server CALs (CRQ-16776).
  • Fixed issue with TM Server CAL not being released on website logout.
  • Error messages from TMService are now displayed correctly on the GroupShare website.
  • When working on a server-project with an Asian source language in Trados Studio, lookups did not work for termbases. This is now fixed (CRQ-16435).
  • In the Deliveries Due Soon table in the Dashboard, the projects are now filtered descending starting with the project with the latest due date.
  • Fixed issue with location tool tip being stuck in the Predefined Projects Report
  • API - Tasks Report: The number of assigned users is now updated when making a changeassignment request for one phase.
  • Fixed duplicate project data on reports for new users assigned on a project.
  • Fixed issue with container field not being displayed on GroupShare website when creating TM in specific situations.
  • Fixed link to Purchase License in the product activation window.
  • Fixed issue with filtering reports by publishing dates.
  • Predefined reports export now contains Delivery By and Publish At dates.
  • The project files that are due soon now have the ember and red color in Predefined Task report.
  • Fixed issue with split segment not working when editing source.
  • Fixed issue with losing cursor when editing source.
  • Files larger than 250 KB are no longer corrupted when downloading from Online Editor.
  • Fixed issue with downloading target from Online Editor (CRQ-17027).
  • The concept level fields and the Add language option are not available for entries above id 50 (CRQ-12665).
  • Replacing no longer works in locked segments (CRQ-16617).
  • Fixed issue with adding roles in libraries when editing or creating user (CRQ-6969).
  • Fixed issues with lookup in certain conditions (CRQ-16748).
  • Fixed resizing issue for Online Editor (CRQ-16826).
  • The Custom Properties Service now logs exceptions (CRQ-16791).
  • Fixed issue with navigation when a selection is made after search (CRQ-16827).
  • Fixed issue with selecting segments after a search or a replace action (CRQ-16631).
  • Fixed issue with opening a certain document in Online Editor (CRQ-16839).
  • Save button is now activated when user sets an active phase without changing users or dates (CRQ-5550).
  • Fixed issue with selections in source segment not sticking (CRQ-16749).
  • RabbitMQ connection now closes after closing a document in Online Editor (CRQ-16857).
  • Fixed issue with returning to the replace field after the cursor jumps to the target segment (CRQ-15888).
  • Under certain circumstances, the keyboard navigation with cursor down was not working when placing cursor at start of a target segment. This was fixed (CRQ-16794).
  • Fixed issue with the results counter not being updated after a replace (CRQ-15713).
Note: Clear your browser's cache for the Online Editor UI changes to work.

Known issues

    Online Editor:
    • Please continue to use the Online Editor with the recommended browser, Chrome, as some functionalities don’t work or not as intended in other browser applications, e.g. in Firefox it’s not possible to use the keyboard buttons Arrow Up and Arrow Down to select items from auto-suggest.

    • When sorting the task in the Background Tasks view by Created at or Updated at, some tasks are not correctly sorted into the list.

    • It’s currently not possible to create projects for RTF files with embedded XML. 
    • The resource type “Project Template” is incorrectly set by default for any newly created custom field. 
    • The cursor can disappear when positioning it into a source segment. 
    • When changing the phase for files in a project that was originally created by a user non-existing anymore, the error message “An internal server error occurred. {“Message”:”User ‘…’ does not exist.”}” is displayed. The phase is, however, changed successfully. 
    • It’s currently not possible to apply translations from the Machine Translation Edge, formerly Enterprise Translation Server (ETS), provider, if the provider was added to the specific language pairs are of the project template. 
    • When loading a project template into Trados GroupShare, some specific termbase search settings, if customized, will be reset to their defaults. 

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