SDL WorldServer - how to import Term Databases and import options

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TitleSDL WorldServer - how to import Term Databases and import options
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In which formats can I import WorldServer terminology databases (TDs) and what are the differences between the import formats?

Once you set up a terminology database in WorldServer, you can import entries into the TD from different file formats. Select a file format and browse for the file you want to import into the WorldServer terminology database (TD).

Note: You can accept the default options for the format, or change them as required by your environment.

Delimited File: Simple Format: a file containing terminology entries in a simple grid format with a column for each language or attribute and a row for each term entry. A header row is required. These files can have .csv or .txt file extensions.

To determine whether the file you want to import is Simple or Advanced format, look at the following:
  • Does the file contain a row for each term entry? If so it is a Simple format file
  • Do term entries span rows? If so it is an Advanced format file.

CSV: Advanced Format: a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file containing entries for a term database. This is a more advanced format that preserves term attributes.

MultiTerm 5 Format (no longer supported): a file in WorldServer MultiTerm 5 format containing entries for a WorldServer TD. These legacy files can be created from a MultiTerm 5 termbase.

Note: You can also connect to a MultiTerm  server to use MultiTerm termbases directly. Refer to this section of the SDL Documentation for more information.

TBX: a file in TBX (TermBase eXchange) format.

Note: the import file can either be an exported terminology database file that has been modified or a new file containing new TD entries. If you are importing a new file, you may need to create custom attributes (in Management > Administration > Customization) to ensure you import all the information from the database.

Note: You can only import entries into a WorldServer TD, not a MultiTerm termbase.
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