SDL WorldServer - Segmentation error when source language is set to Spanish (Latin America) es-419, English (Hong Kong), Somali and other languages

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SDL WorldServer
When creating a WorldServer project with source language Spanish (Latin America) es-419, English (Hong Kong) or Somali, I see an error at the Segment Asset step as follows:

Execution output: Error while executing automatic action: No such culture: es-419
Execution output: Error while executing automatic action: No such culture: so-SO


There is no issue when Spanish (Latin America) or English (Hong Kong) are set as target languages. The project can be saved and exported correctly, so the issue is only at segmentation when the source languages are Spanish (Latin America) or English (Hong Kong) . Following other languages are affected as well:


The SDL Custom Cultures are installed as explained in this article:

In WorldServer, some of the locales/cultures supported in SDL Trados Studio 2017 and WorldServer are not synchronized

This issue has been filed as defect CRQ-12805
This issue has been fixed starting from SDL WorldServer

In previous versions, there are two possible workarounds:

1- Use a supported English or Spanish flavor by adding it to your Locales. When doing so, rename the Locale Name to EN-Hong-Kong or similar. Same for Spanish.
This would mean that internally the languages codes of the supported language will be used, and when exporting to Studio they will display as such. In WorldServer, the locale name would appear as EN-Hong-Kong on the Create Project screen. 

Note that with this workaround you would have to make sure you separate the TM content by using a dedicated TM if you want the EN-Hong-Kong content to be separated from the supported English flavor you had chosen to use as a workaround. 

2- Another workaround is to map Spanish (Latin America) or English (Hong Kong) to a different language in the Database. For instance, you could map Spanish (Latin America) to Spanish (Nicaragua), which is a language that most customers do not use.

To map Spanish (Latin America) to Spanish (Nicaragua) in the Database, run this UPDATE statement in the WorldServer Database:

 update languages set subLangCode='NI' where name='Spanish (Latin America)'

As a result, the Spanish (Latin America) Locale in your Worldserver environment will now be mapped to language code es-NI instead of es-419 (which is the default code for this language). This change will resolve the segmentation error.

User-added image

Note: when exporting a WSXZ package from a project with source language Spanish (Latin America), after opening the WorldServer package in SDL Trados Studio, the source language will display as Spanish (Nicaragua). That will not affect the WorldServer project or the TM when importing the Return package back to WorldServer: The project language both in the TM and in the project will still be Spanish (Latin America)

You can apply the same workaround for English (Hong Kong), mapping it to a working source language that you do not use.

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