In SDL Web 8.1/8.5, you cannot modify components having blank spaces in any valid attribute like title, alt etc.

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SDL Web 8.1, SDL Web 8.5
You have many components in SDL Tridion 2011 or SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 where you have given spaces in RTF fields.
Example :
<img title=" " src="" alt=" " class="" width="250" height="9"/>.
<div title= " ">test</div>

You have migrated these components to SDL Web 8.1 or SDL Web 8.5.
When your users then try to modify them you then get a 'the following error message

Unable to Save item
Error: Length cannot be less than zero.

Unable To Save Component Erroro Message


Solution: Apply hotfix CM_8.1.1.3618 for Web 8.1  Apply hotfix CM_8.5.0.6703 for Web 8.5.  

To get hotfixes, see the following article:

How to get the SDL Web Hotfixes?

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