Which permissions need to be set in the User Type to be able to unclaim a Task from another user and unlock files in Explorer?

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When I try to unclaim and claim a Task from another user in WorldServer, I get an error message saying that

The Task cannot be claimed because the file is locked by another user.

If I go to that file in Explorer and try to unlock it, I cannot because I have no permission to do so.

A similar error might appear if you are a project manager who has permission to cancel a project.

Which permissions need to be set in the respective User Type to be able to unlock files in Explorer

The necessary options are not activated in the user's User Type.
Make sure that your User Type has following permissions checked/activated:

In the Explorer Tab section:
Lock option
Unlock option

In the General Options section:
Can unlock assets locked by other users​

Save you changes after selecting the missing options and try again to unclaim a Task or to cancel a project or any action that failed previously with an error referring not having enough permission to unlock files.

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