WorldServer - Error when saving or exporting - Culture name xxxx is not supported. Parameter name: name

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SDL WordServer
A Task goes to Auto Error at Save step or cannot be exported to a Studio package with the message:

Error: Completed Save step of task 1 in time [00:00:00] on engine [SDLAPPSVR2:clone#1901677475:engine#2] with result Error. Execution output: Error while executing automatic action: com.idiominc.wssdk.WSRuntimeException (covers (covers com.idiominc.wssdk.asset.WSAssetSegmentationException: Culture name 'mww-CN' is not supported. Parameter name: name ))

The error might also be:

Export error/warning summary. 
java.lang.Exception: Source and/or target locales contain neutral languages (with no region code, such as en instead of en-US). WSXZ kit will not open in Trados Studio with neutral languages. Please map the following language(s) to the locale containing region code in Italian
(or any other possible affected language)

Note: the language code will vary.

The error occurs for the below languages:

•    Hmong (mmw-CN)
•    Papiamento (Curacao) (pt-AN) 
•    Somali (so-SO)
•    Tagalog (tgl-PH)
•    Tigrinya (tir-EA)
•    Tok-Pisin (en-ID)
•    Russian (Moldavia) (ru-MD)
•    Tigrigna (Eritrea)
•    Tigrigna (Ethiopic)
•    Burmese

IMPORTANT: There might be other languages affected. This error also affects locales set up with generic or unsupported language codes in WorldServer such as

fr instead of fr-FR
it instead of it-IT or
no-NO instead of nb-NO or nn-NO.
The languages for which the error appears are not supported by SDL Trados Studio and language codes are not supported by the FTS filter.
First check whether the SDL custom cultures are installed on the Application server (available starting from version 10.4.x.). If they are already installed then follow the below workaround.
Add a mapping to the Worldserver configuration file, to map the above generic locale to a locale that is supported by the Studio File Types, for example, map as below (make sure the studioLocaleMapping ID is unique):

studioLocaleMappingHM = Hmong, de-DE
studioLocaleMappingRU-MD = Russian (Moldova), ru-RU
studioLocaleMappingTG = Tigrigna (Eritrea), ti-ER
studioLocaleMappingTG2 = Tigrigna (Ethiopic), ti-ET
studioLocaleMappingNO = Norwegian, nb-NO
studioLocaleMappingMK = Macedonian, mk-MK
studioLocaleMappingBurmese = Burmese, my-MM

If you are not sure about the language code supported by SDL Trados Studio:
  • Open any test file with the affected target language as a standalone file in SDL Trados Studio.
  • Do a Save: this action will create a bilingual Studio file in SDLXLIFF format 
  • Open the SDLXLIFF file in Notepad and next to target-language= you will find the language code supported by SDL Trados Studio.  
  • Use that language code for mapping.

After adding the property to file, save your changes. Restart WorldServer  and FTS and complete the Autoerror or try again to export ot a WSXZ package format.

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