Online activation of a Single User License for SDL Trados Studio 2019 and older

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This article explains how the Product Activation Wizard can be used to activate your Single User License for SDL Trados Studio 2015 for the first time using the Online Activation Function. The Product Activation Wizard is part of your installation and will appear when the product is first started.

*Note : This process is also available for Passolo 2015 and later


  1. Online activation for Single-User license
  2. Product activation window
  3. Not sure if activated?
  4. Do you still require help?
When you first install Trados Studio 2015 and the Product Activation Wizard appears, you automatically receive a 30 day trial. This trial disappears once your license has been activated. The trial license will only appear if you have never had SDL Trados Studio 2015 before.

Online activation for Single-User license


Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click Activate to start activating your license.
    1. This opens the Product Activation Wizard. Your activation code is sent in a confirmation email when you purchase Studio. If you do not have the email, you can access your license through your SDL Account on, or by clicking the SDL Account link in the dialog:
                     User-added image
  2. This brings you to the Licenses tab in your SDL Account
  3. Select your version of SDL Trados Studio 2019. You will see all of the available codes. Next to each license code there is additional information: NOTE: If you have an SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance Plus license, you can activate it twice: one initial activation and one additional activation on another machine.
    • Number of activations
    • How many licenses are in use
    • If the license has an expiry date
      • User-added image
  4. Copy the activation code and switch back to the Product Activation Wizard:
  5. Paste the copied activation code into the Activation Code field and click Activate:
    •        User-added image
  6. The Activation successful is displaying.
    •       User-added image
  7. Click OK to finalize the process.

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Product activation window:


User-added image

Not sure if activated?

In your SDL Account you can now see your license in use:
User-added image


Do you still require help?

If this article has not solved your issue or if you require assistance, contact the SDL Support Team:


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