Offline activation and deactivation of a Network License for SDL Trados Studio 2015 and later, SDL Passolo 2016 and later or BaccS Team

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The procedure is also valid for SDL Trados Studio 2014 and SDL Passolo 2015 Network licenses which have been switched from the Nalpeiron licensing system to the SafeNet licensing system.
To activate your network license offline, you need:

- A computer with internet access and connect to your My SDL account via
- Your network activation code.

Offline activation

STEP 1: Generate the Installation ID (aka Locking Code)

NOTE: If you did not install the SDL License Server Manager yet, refer to the Note section in this KB Article.

Use the Locking Utility to generate the Installation ID* (or Locking Code) of your license server machine.

  1. Launch Locking Utility (wechoid) (from the Windows Start menu/Dashboard).
  2. Enable Ethernet Address and Disk ID, and disable all the other available criteria.
  3. Make sure that the New Style option is selected and that the Selector field shows 0x14. This indicates that only the Ethernet Address and Disk ID criteria are enabled and that the corresponding code will generate a compatible license file.
  4. Copy the locking code string available in the Code field. It will be used in the following step.

    User-added image

STEP 2: Generate the Offline Activation Certificate

  1. Go to your My SDL account area in Products & Plans > Licenses locate your activation code and press on the right hand side: Can´t activate online? - Get an offline Activation Certificate
    User-added image
  2. Copy & paste the Installation ID (generated in STEP 1) into the Installation ID* field and press Generate Offline Activation Certificate
    User-added image
  3. Save the generated license file (by default named lservrc
    User-added image

STEP 3: Add the new license file to the SafeNet License Manager

  1. Launch SafeNet License Manager.
    NOTE: On startup, the SafeNet License Manager automatically discovers all the servers in the subnet where the SDL License Manager is installed. These are listed under theSubnet Servers tree.
  2. Expand the Subnet Servers tree and select the host name of the license server where you want to add the network license.
  3. Right-click on the hostname and select Add Feature > From a File > To Server and its File.
  4. Browse for and select the license file the Support Engineer has sent to you.
  5. The SafeNet License Manager confirms that the network license is active and shows the number of product features included in your license.
    NOTE: This is NOT the number of user seats available for your license. To check how many users can access your network license at the same time, select a feature and check theTotal column in the Feature information section.

STEP 4: Connect SDL Trados Studio client to the SDL License Server Manager

  1. Run your SDL product (for example, Studio or Passolo). When connecting to a license server for the first time, run the SDL product as an administrator.
  2. The Activation dialog should automatically appear at first start. If this does not happen, click Help > Product Activation.
  3. Click the Activate button in the Product Activation dialog box then click Alternative activation options.
  4. Click Use a License Server.
  5. Enter the short computer name, the fully qualified address (less than 40 characters) or the IP address of the license server.
    NOTE: If you are using or still have installed the „old“ SDL Licensing Server Toolkit, use the Full-Qualified-Domain-Name (FQDN) or the IP address. This is to avoid possible recognition problems between the old and new licensing server manager.
  6. Click Connect. The Product Activation page shows the details of the active license.
  7. Click Continue to open your SDL product.

Offline deactivation

  1. Log a Support Case (see below) and be in touch with a support engineer.
  2. Launch SafeNet License Manager.
  3. Expand the Subnet Servers tree and select the hostname of the license server from where you want to remove the network license.
  4. Right-click on the hostname and select Revoke Licenses by Permission Ticket.
  5. Browse for and select the *.txt Permission Ticket file that you received from the SDL Licensing team.
  6. Save the Revocation Ticket file and send the file back to the SDL Licensing team.

How to log a Support Case for requesting a permission ticket?

  • For customers holding a PSMA (Premium Support and Maintenance Agreement), follow instructions on logging a case from this article.
  • For customers without a PSMA, follow the instructions on how to log a license and installation case from this article.

How to find and install the SDL License Server Manager

  • Download and installation

    Download the SDL License Server Manager installer. To have the latest version we recommend the installer available for download in the Products & Plans > Downloads section in your SDL Account. Double-click on the SDL_License_Server_Manager.exe file to execute the installer on the computer that you want to act as the license server.

  • Components

    The SDL License Server Manager installer adds the following utilities to your computer:

    1. Locking Utility (Wechoid): This generates locking codes for activating the network license on the server.
    2. SafeNet License Manager (WlmAdmin): This monitors all licensing activity and controls the distribution of license seats to clients.
    3. SDL License Server Manager: This is the activation utility to be used when doing a online (de-)activation:
      User-added image
  • Default storing location

    The default location for storing the installed SDL License Server Manager, the imported license files and your preferences is:

    • 32-bit computers: C:\Program Files\Common Files\SDL\Sentinel
    • 64-bit computers: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SDL\Sentinel

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