Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1

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Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1
SDL Trados Studio
We are constantly reviewing and improving our products. We release enhancements and fixes to resolve customer issues as and when required. This article lists the enhancements and fixes for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 to date. Hotfixes are bundled into service releases or cumulative update patches that are installed automatically using the AutoUpdate functionality in SDL Trados Studio.
For information on all hotfixes and enhancements included in the cumulative updates for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1, see the following list.

Cumulative Update 17 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10017.54688, Released on 03 July 2019)

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 17 (CU17) addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed issue with the tag view switch and other Editor refresh commands not working.
  • Fixed Import failed. The file could not be processed error when importing certain .tmx files.
  • Fixed The type initializer for 'Sdl.Core.LanguageProcessing.ICU2.WordBoundaryFinder' threw an exception error when upgrading certain TMs (CRQ-14879).
  • You can now use Japanese Yen (JPY) and Canadian Dollar (CAD) as currency with your Language Cloud subscription.
Known issue: Some older TMs (such as created with Studio 2014) may show an error when trying to export to TMX. The SDL development team is working on a fix for this issue, but until that is released, use the following workaround: in such cases, the TM has a warning sign next to its icon, which means it needs to be updated to the latest format. To update the TM, right-click it and select Upgrade Translation Memory from the context menu. Once the TM has been updated this way, exporting will work again in all scenarios.

Cumulative Update 16 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10016.54660, Released on 30 May 2019)

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 16 (CU16) addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed issue with Language Cloud custom terminology provider not being preserved as default if set so.
  • Fixed error displayed during auto-propagation.
  • Improved the way Trados Studio handles corrupt MultiTerm termbases.
  • Increased perfomance for the WorldServer TM provider (CRQ-14244).
  • Fixed Trados Studio crash after undoing merge segments (CRQ-8843).
  • There was an issue with Trados Studio not throwing the error for paragraph unit exceed correctly. This is now fixed (CRQ-13173).
  • Fixed issue with creating projects via API (CRQ-13076).
  • Fixed issues with opening certain WSXZ packages (CRQ-11823).
  • When a user with elevated permissions changed project settings, the target language used to change for all the users sharing that project in Trados GroupShare. This does not happen anymore (CRQ-8983).
  • Fixed issue with Trados Studio using wrong number of SDL Language Cloud subscription characters during project creation (CRQ-7969, CRQ-6619).
File type changes:
  • SubRip file type:
    • Added native support for <font>, <b>, <i>, <u> tags so there is no longer the need to configure embedded content processor to handle these.
    • The default setting for processing line breaks changed to disabled.
  • Microsoft Word file type:
    • Added embedded content processor section to JSON settings bundle.
    • Spaces around segments copied from source when translating to Chinese or Japanese are now preserved (CRQ-13924).
    • Fixed error thrown when opening certain files (CRQ-13814).
  • PowerPoint file type: fixed issue with embedded Excel file.
  • PDF file type:
    • Updated the third-party Solid Framework to most recent version.
    • A prompt to install the IRIS add-on is displayed when you do not have it installed (CRQ-13179).
  • SDL XLIFF file type: fixed issues when opening or saving specific files.
  • HTML file type: added support for custom SGML entities, addressed issue with nested tables which caused infinite loop.
  • IDML file type:
    • Added support for most recent InDesign release.
    • Added support for InCatalog plugin.
    • Fixed issue with missing formatting in target translation (CRQ-13396, CRQ-13935).
    • Fixed issue with saving to target certain files (CRQ-13270).
  • Visio file type: addressed issue with line breaks in text boxes.
  • XML file type: addressed issue with Silverlight UI.
  • The WSXLIFF file type no longer has dependency to log4net.
  • XLIFF 1.2: you can now use the option to move leading/trailing tags out of the segment to move CDATA as well.

Cumulative Update 15 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10015.44945, Released on 18 December 2018) 

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 15 (CU15) adds the same TM enhancements that were introduced in Trados Studio 2019 SR1.

  • Redeveloped context matching for higher accuracy. We improved the way context matches are calculated to avoid incorrect context matches and unwanted duplicate matches in some cases.
  • Better fuzzy matching and an adjusted TM upgrade mechanism. We enhanced stemming for Western languages and made improvements in recognizing half/full-width characters for Japanese in particular. The current linguistic insight behind our TMs applies to segment matching and concordance matching, as well as upLIFT Match Repair and upLIFT fragment matching. You can reuse the TMs you created in previous SDL Trados Studio versions, but in order to benefit from these latest TM enhancements, we recommend that you upgrade all your older TMs using one of the available Translation Memory upgrade mechanisms. All you older/legacy TMs are clearly marked by a triangle warning sign. This functionality supports the interoperability between the TMs from different (and future) SDL Trados Studio versions.
  • TM reindexing and upgrade now prompted explicitly when changing basic settings. Changing any of the file-based TM settings (any recognition setting or variable) requires you to reindex your TM, namely to "refresh" it so it is updated with your preferences. Reindexing was required until now too, but now users are reminded that they need to reindex the TM they changed. All TMs which require reindexing are marked with a triangle warning sign (the same sign you would see for a legacy TM which needs to be upgraded). To reindex your TM, upgrade your TM using one of the available Translation Memory Upgrade mechanisms.

NOTE: SDL recommends that, once the TMs are upgraded, all users in the supply chain use the same SDL Trados Studio version upgraded to the latest CU. This means that all users should upgrade to SDL Trados Studio 2017 CU15. This will ensure that all users benefit from the context match and fuzzy match enhancements, as well as an overall reliability when changing recognizer settings. If an SDL Trados Studio 2017 or 2019 user remains on an older version and receives newer TMs, leverage issues will occur.

SDL Trados Studio 2015 users can download the TM Compatibility Plug-In for SDL Trados 2015 and back-convert the TMs created in SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 CU15 into the TM format used by SDL Trados Studio 2015; otherwise leverage will be adversely affected.

SDL Trados Studio Application

  • Termbases from the SDL Language Cloud Terminology (Beta) provider are no longer available in Trados Studio 2017. This functionality is now available in SDL Trados Studio 2019 SR1 and later.
  • When opening an SDL WorldServer package, the TBX conversion to MultiTerm termbase is not wrongly merging entries anymore (CRQ-12107).
  • When opening certain SDL WorldServer project packages in SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1, the error Could not load file or assembly 'log4net Version=… occurred. This is now fixed.
  • Context Matches are not transformed to 100% matches when upgrading a Trados Studio 2017 TM to Trados Studio 2019 (CRQ-11293).
  • Fixed TextContextMatchType must be specified error when upgrading an .mdb TM (CRQ-10932).
  • Trados Studio does not hang anymore after selecting a Trados GroupShare 2017 translation memory with many language pairs in the Open Server-based Translation Memory window (CRQ-10538).
  • Changing the Trados Groupshare project settings does not reset the target language selected in files view for all the users anymore (CRQ-8983).
  • Fixed missing TM matches created with MT! user when the TM is not first in the list (CRQ-5825).

Note: Cumulative Update 15 was originally released with the build number 14.1.10015.44620 on 12 December 2018. That version of CU15 was replaced with the updated build number 44945 as described in this article. There are no differences between these two versions of CU15 except for a hotfix in the installation program that caused the error "Service 'SDL Customer Feeback Service' (Sdl.ProductTelemetrics.v1) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services." This issue typically occurred on PCs that had both SDL Trados Studio 2015 and 2017 installed side-by-side and has now been fixed (CRQ-12733). Users that installed CU15 successfully on or after 12 December will not get the new build 44945 as the software is identical. Any future cumulative update will then bring both groups of users up-to-date to the same build number again.

Cumulative Update 14 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10014.38031, Released on 10 October 2018) 

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 14 (CU14) addresses an issue with saving target for IDML file types while the IDML Failed to save target content: Method not found error is thrown.

Cumulative Update 13 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10013.37703, Released on 3 October 2018)  

Important note: With this cumulative update, we have moved away from the previous approach of applying patches (using a Microsoft Patch file - .msp) and started using a full installer (.exe files installing several Microsoft Installer files - .msi). With this method, we fully replace an existing installation rather than patch it. The installer will be downloaded via the AutoUpdate feature as before, so nothing changes from that perspective. Once fully downloaded, the installer (.exe) will launch and update your Trados Studio 2019 installation with the fixes and enhancements listed below. This will take roughly the same time as installing Trados Studio from scratch. For more information on the AutoUpdate process, see Downloading and Installing Cumulative Updates below.
This also means that you will not be able to uninstall a CU update as before. To go back to a previous version, you need to uninstall the whole application and then use a full installer.

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 13 (CU13) addresses the following issues:

SDL Trados Studio Application

  • Added a new option for PerfectMatch in regulatory flows that preserves inconsistent translations in duplicate content.
  • Fixed An error occurred when searching the Translation Memory. The TM may contain invalid Translation Units error when in Translation Memory view and running a search in a server-based TM (CRQ-4012).
  • Fixed error message thrown when re-indexing TMs in certain rare cases.
  • Fixed Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when viewing a report during the create return package process.
  • Fixed issue with corrupted characters when adding a new term entry with the SDL Language Cloud Terminology (Beta) provider.
  • Fixed term being added with incorrect language in SDL Language Cloud Terminology when the terminology provider does not include the respective term's language.
  • Fixed issue with the Replace tab not being displayed in the Find and Replace dialog in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue with tracked changes not being saved in the target file because of duplicate tracked changes occurring in segments (CRQ-10617).
  • Fixed issue with tracked changes spanning entire segments not being applied as TC matches in Pre-translate files batch task (CRQ-9638).
  • Improved performance when opening document or accessing the Translation Memory and Automated Translation settings pages if several SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 TMs are active in the project (CRQ-10545).
  • Fixed issue with all data from the language resource template being deleted when unlinking a Language Resource Template from a Trados GroupShare 2017 TM in Trados Studio (CRQ-8195).
  • Fixed issue with only 200 translation units being modified when batch editing SDL Trados GroupShare TMs opened in the TM Editor (CRQ-9832, CRQ-6818).
  • Fixed issue with Retrofit not following the target segmentation rules and merging segments when updating the SDLXLIFF file (CRQ-9360).
  • Fixed issue with correctly displaying the Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom) flag (CRQ-9280).
  • Fixed issue with locking files when saving large files in Trados GroupShare and there are connection problems (CRQ-8521).
  • Fixed performance issues when merging segments in large documents (CRQ-8234, CRQ-8237).
  • Improved performance when loading list of termbases from the Termbase Viewer (CRQ-6576).
  • Fixed Multiple Placeholder Tags with same IDs error occurring when running Perfect Match twice (CRQ-9783).
  • When adding an additional server termbase from the same Trados GroupShare server to a Trados Studio project, all previously added termbases were removed. This is now fixed. (CRQ-6903).

Core Components and File Types

  • General:
    • Addressed issues in subsegment recall feature (upLIFT) in GroupShare deployments.
    • Guatemala language mapping for MultiTerm is now in language registry.
    • All translation origin metadata can be now transferred in the PerfectMatch processing (this was previously limited to only the main origins, now all origins are fully covered).
    • Fixed error thrown when adding a file-based TM with the same name as an existing one or a server-based TM or AT provider with the same settings as an existing one.
    • Fixed error thrown when translating dates below the year 1900 with Arabic (Saudi Arabia) as target language (CRQ-9913).
    • Fixed the way whitespace is accounted for when splitting text (marking enders) (CRQ-9468).
    • Fixed handling of the text separated by CRLF characters in certain circumstances (CRQ-9467).
    • Fixed adding an extra cloned tag by the DITA file type when using Include with text segmentation hint (CRQ-9461).
    • Fixed issues with Print Preview.
    • Fixed issue with generating a target language file for certain files (CRQ-9956).
  • FrameMaker MIF:
    • Added FrameMaker 2018 support.
    • Fixed Failed to save target content: Extra 'table' reference tag within the segment ID ''. Please run the Tag Verification to see details error when saving target for certain files (CRQ-9878).
    • Fixed Failed to save target content: Extra 'cross-ref' reference tag within the segment ID 'x'Please run the Tag Verification to see details error when saving target for certain files (CRQ-9834).
    • Fixed Failed to save target content: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection error when saving specific target file (CRQ-9351).
    • Fixed not inserting conditional text tags at the beginning and end of the segment for translation regardless of formatting (CRQ-9129).
  • Microsoft Word DOCX (WordprocessingML v. 2):
    • Fixed issue with content following a horizontal line not being translated in the target file (CRQ-10119).
    • Fixed issue with changing links in Word documents not being visible in Trados Studio (CRQ-9966).
    • Fixed issue with some segments being rendered in the source language when saving target even if translated (CRQ-9824).
    • Fixed We're sorry we can't open docx file because we found a problem with its contents error when opening certain files (CRQ-9718, CRQ-9714).
    • Fixed preserving RTL text direction for punctuation marks that follow English words with text formatting for Arabic target files (CRQ-9536).
    • Fixed mixing up words in the segments that are set as a hyperlink and end with a dot (CRQ-9311).
    • Fixed Internal error: Multiple placeholder tags with the same ID 'NonBreakingHyphen' have different tag properties error when creating new project using a .docx file with hidden text (CRQ-9182).
    • Fixed Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when applying the Retrofit batch task to certain files (CRQ-6520).
  • Microsoft Excel XLSX (SpreadsheetML v. 1):
    • Text boxes in Excel charts that have the Do not size with chart option enabled are now imported into Trados Studio (CRQ-9202).
  • PerfectMatch:
    • Fixed issues with PerfectMatch applying inconsistent translations for SDLXLIFF alignment files (CRQ-10028).
    • Fixed Input string was not in a correct format error when running PerfectMatch a second time with the same files (CRQ-9805).
  • HTML:
    • Fixed performance issues when working with HTML files (CRQ-9954).
    • Fixed issue with HTML target file not preserving the translation of attributes if the source segment is edited when using a custom HTML 5 file type (CRQ-9618).
    • Fixed segmentation for line breaks resulting in incorrect segments for certain files (CRQ-8233).
  • XML:
    • Fixed issue with string comparison not working when doing a "contains()" operation in an XPath predicate and including parenthesis signs in the string to be compared to (CRQ-9735).
    • Escaped entities are converted to [[SDLENTITYREF[gt]]] in the target RESX file when disabling Advanced Entity conversion (CRQ-9620).
    • Fixed segmentation hints not working correctly for locked content (CRQ-9083).
    • Fixed including in segments leading placeholder set to Exclude when using Embedded Content (CRQ-8997).
    • Fixed not including trailing locked content for translation when the segmentation hint is set to either include or include with text, if there is a white space between the last and second to last tag. This only applied to trailing tags and not leading tags (CRQ-8944).
    • A tag that has the Exclude segmentation hint and sits between two sentences within the same paragraph is now excluded from the segment (CRQ-8622).
  • Portable Object:
    • Added simple (non real-time) preview for PO file format (CRQ-8052).
    • Fixed Failed to save target content: Cannot write to a closed TextWriter error when using custom settings and trying to create target PO file (CRQ-9541).

Cumulative Update 12 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10012.29730, Released on 31 July 2018) 

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 12 (CU12) addresses the following issues:

SDL Trados Studio Application

  • The main change in CU12 is in the licensing mechanism for Trados Studio 2017 that will benefit all users who are upgrading their Trados Studio instance to the new Trados Studio 2019 release. When going through the upgrade process for your Trados Studio license and generating the Trados Studio 2019 upgrade license, that 2019 license will contain a specific capability that authorizes both Trados Studio 2019 and Trados Studio 2017 to be licensed on the same machine. This mechanism will allow all Trados Studio 2017 users to be able to continue running both Trados Studio 2017 and Trados Studio 2019 on the same machine, even though they have only purchased an upgrade license. This way you can continue working in scenarios where your end customer might specifically require Trados Studio 2017 and not yet Trados Studio 2019. Additional details:
    • The mechanism described here works for local licenses. It is not supported for network licenses. For network licenses with mixed version scenarios, contact your SDL account manager.
    • Trados Studio 2017 CU12 can use both any existing Trados Studio 2017 license as well as the Trados Studio 2019 upgrade license. As long as you do not deactivate the Trados Studio 2017 license in the product, Trados Studio 2017 will remain activated. If you return the 2017 license, you will not be able to reactivate your Trados Studio 2017 license until you install CU12 delivered here. Installing CU12 then allows Trados Studio 2017 to use the 2019 license.
    • Importantly, if you did deactivate the Trados Studio 2017 license before you have installed CU12 delivered here, you will not be able to get CU12 through AutoUpdate, as it needs a running instance of Trados Studio to update itself to CU12. Since you have deactivated Trados Studio 2017 CU11 or earlier, it can no longer find any license and it will not allow you to run AutoUpdate. If you are in this scenario, you can get the installer for manual installation under "Downloading and Installing Cumulative Updates" below to address this problem. (Another alternative in this scenario is to run the AutoUpdate executable that will launch the AutoUpdate process without requiring Studio to run. You can find the AutoUpdate client here: C:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\Studio5\Updates\TrueUpdate.exe. Double click this .exe file in Windows Explorer to run the AutoUpdate client.)
    • In summary, as long as you have not deactivated Trados Studio 2017, you can install CU12 through AutoUpdate as normal. Once you have installed it, you can deactivate it and the Trados Studio 2019 upgrade license will be used instead. This is what CU12 enables. If you have not deactivated Trados Studio 2017 yet, it will just carry on working - an existing license will take precedence.
    • The mechanism described in the above points is valid for the upgrade process from Studio 2017 to 2019 licenses only. For Studio 2015 and earlier versions, this process does not apply.
  • Other changes in CU12:
    • Fixed issue where the Update TM check box was unavailable from Trados Studio for WorldServer TMs for all SDL WorldServer 11 versions before 11.3 (CRQ-9405).
    • Fixed issue where the AutoUpdate notification box did not always display its contents properly (LTGS-1948).
    • Fixed the Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when closing documents with revisions under certain circumstances (LG-13986).

Cumulative Update 11 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10011.20356, Released on 24 April 2018)

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 11 addresses the following issues:

SDL Trados Studio Application

  • Fixed issue with the Trados Studio 2017 SR1 CU10 installer not installing the required version of the Microsoft.NET Framework. As a result of this, various errors were occurring under certain circumstances, such as when attempting to connect to SDL Trados GroupShare and/or SDL Language Cloud. (CRQ-9654).
  • The File > Language Cloud path to access SDL Language Cloud was removed. This prepares a future Language Cloud release with changed authentication mechanisms. All information on your Language Cloud subscription can be found in the Sign-In area in the top right corner in SDL Trados Studio.

Cumulative Update 10 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10010.18573, Released on 11 April 2018)

SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 10 addresses the following issues:

SDL Trados Studio Application

  • Applying PerfectMatch during project creation used to lead to corrupted SDLXLIFF files and Analysis report under certain circumstances. This is now fixed. (CRQ-9113)
  • When connecting to a WorldServer TM, Trados Studio may show an Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel error. This is now fixed. (CRQ-7094)
  • Fixed issue with locked content tag order changing when applying a translation unit that was imported as a file in the TM. (CRQ-9134)
Core Components and File Types
  • Microsoft Word DOCX (WordprocessingML v. 2):
    • Fixed placement of option to extract document properties and option behavior for inline tags issue relative to their UI labels.
    • Fixed issue with quotes missing from a field if the field only contains whitespace. (CRQ-8979)
    • For Arabic language source files, it could happen that saving target files resulted in incorrect styling. This is now fixed. (CRQ-8835)
  • HTML:
    • Fixed issue with <span> elements that have the "lang" attribute not being properly re-created in the target. (CRQ-8953)
  • XML:
    • Fixed issue with font formatting not being removed after it was was added to an XML file type. (CRQ-8981)
    • PerfectMatch:
      • Fixed issue with PerfectMatch not inserting all the matches and duplicating the segment numbers when using XML file with embedded content processor. (CRQ-6246)
    • XLIFF:
      • Opening for translation an XLF file containing an empty target segment with a comment attached to used to lead to a cascade of errors. This is now fixed. (CRQ-8888)
      • Values for status mapping are not displayed with hyphen instead of underscore.

    Cumulative Update 9 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.10009.15268, Released on 21 February 2018)

    SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 9 addresses the following issues:

    SDL Trados Studio Application

    • You can now lock or unlock segments when in Review Mode or when Track Changes/TQA is active. You can lock and unlock segments containing track changes, but you still cannot lock segments that contain TQA issues.
    • For users to get more complete information when translating from Asian languages in the light of the new Asian tokenization option, there is now a Word column in the Analysis report for Asian source languages: 
      • if the character-based tokenization (active by default) is used, the word column reports a single Asian-language character as one word and a Western-language word as one word.
      • if the new word-based tokenization is used, the word column reports Asian-language words as words identified by the new tokenization engine and Western-language words also as one word. This typically always results in a lower word count.
    • Fixed issue with Pre-Translate batch task not replacing 100% matches with  context matches.
    • Fixed issue with Trados Studio throwing the Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created error when the Automatically re-open previously edited documents option is selected.
    • Fixed issue with the GetTranslationMemories call in infinite loop for the TM API.
    • AutoCorrect: fixed issue where users cannot add abbreviations that contain more than one dot as exceptions in the First Letter tab of the AutoCorrect exceptions dialog.
    • Fixed issue with UI tags not being displayed for certain files when using machine translation.

    Core Components and File Types
    • PerfectMatch:
      • Fixed a problem resulting in the error message Internal error: Multiple tags with the same ID 'Italic' have different start tag properties with PerfectMatch when using the Use the orignal translation origin and status setting and additional formatting had been applied inside a tracked change.
    • HTML file type:
      • Whitespace inside locked content is now normalized
      • Whitespace between two opening structure tags is now normalized
    • Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX (PresentationML v. 1):
      • Added the Retain Studio target comments in target file option.
      • Fixed Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when opening certain files with changes to the style in Notes Master.
      • Fixed issue with duplicating tags when extracting Master View content.
    • Microsoft Excel XLSX (SpreadsheetML v. 1):
      • When saving certain XLSX files, the Table column name cannot be empty error was thrown. This is now fixed.
      • Changed text description for Exclusions by color option to be more accurate.
      • Fixed issue with formatting of a Wingdings 2 character being changed in target document.
      • Fixed extraction of <color tint> property from formatting.
    • Microsoft Word DOCX (WordprocessingML v. 2):
      • Added a new option to preserve the date or time format from the source language in the target language.
      • Text in text boxes anchored to hidden paragraphs is now extracted for translation.
      • Comments did not get exported in the target if those comments have been added for text that belong to content controls. This is now fixed.
      • Fixed issue with Index Entry not being extracted if lower case is used in the definition.
      • Saving the target file for certain documents used to generate an invalid file only when the Extract hidden content option was not selected. This is now fixed.
      • Fixed issue with generating a target file that couldn't be opened with Microsoft Word 2007.
      • Fixed The given key was not present in the dictionary error when opening certain files.
      • Fixed issue with formatting not being applied in Text Form Field.
      • Fixed issue with track changes not being displayed when opening certain files.
    • FrameMaker MIF:
      • Text Insets were imported from translation even when the option to import them was disabled. This is now fixed.
      • Fixed issue with text not being extracted from equations if preceded by numbers.
      • Fixed issue with text not being extracted from equations if a line break is contained inside a String element.
      • Fixed issue with text being extracted as symbol when the text is overridden with a different font.
    • Portable Object:
      • Fixed This file type is not supported error when opening a .PO file with an empty space ar the top.
    • JSON:
      • Target file can now be saved when property name contains single-quote.
    • XLIFF:
      • If there were comments in the source segments, the source segments (including the comment) were copied to the target segment. This is now fixed and no source segments are copied to the target segment, regardless of the comment or the <target> elements.
      • When trying to remove a comment, the Segment start/end cannot be deleted error used to be thrown and the comment was not deleted. This is now fixed, comment is deleted without issue.
      • Trados Studio no longer removes CDATA from XLF files when is included in <g> element.
      • When trying to save SDLXLIFF files that contain manually added Bold and Italics formatting the Multiple tags with the same ID Italic have different start tag properties error is thrown. This is now fixed and the files can be saved without issues.
    • XML:
      • Fixed Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length error when opening certain files.
      • For certain files auto-cloned tags were split when copying source to target. This is now fixed
    • IDML:
      • Added support for InDesign CC 2018.
      • Added support for endnotes.
      • Added support for alternative text.
      • Added support for power-math equations (which are extracted as placeholders and copied to target file).
      • Fixed issue with links in hidden conditional text being lost.
      • Fixed an issue related to merging cf tag-pair.
      • Fixed issue with faulty target being generated from Trados Studio.
      • Additional fonts that were not exposed in the source document used to be exposed and applied to target translation. This is now fixed.
    • Segmentation:
      • For segmentation rules where the After break option is set to Anything, the segmentation result would be that content following a placeholder tag that follows a break character is not extracted for translation.
      • Fixed issue with splitting tags behavior not being consistent throughout the file.
      • Fixed issue with words being split when trying to segment soft returns in segments that contain tags and a colon.
      • Fixed issue with segmentation rules breaking segments when rules contain the begin of string ^ character and the break character is in middle of the segment.
    • RegEx:
      • Regular Expression Delimited Text File Type/parser used to extract extra content when inline tags are defined. This is now fixed.
    • Text
      • Inline tag used to break the opening and closing pattern and extra content was extracted. This is now fixed.
    • General:
      • MatchRepair can now repair acronyms.
      • Enhanced QuickInsert so that now it is more robust.
      • The Last Used By field is now included in the TMX format when exporting translation memories.
      • Fixed UI display issues when minimizing the Trados Studio file type options dialog.
      • Fixed issue with some buttons in UI not being displayed after minimizing and maximazing the file type options dialog.
      • Fixed several localization issues.
    Integration API
    • The cursor focus was not moved to the correct editor control for SetActiveSegmentPair method. This is now fixed: the SetActiveSegmentPair method now exposes and an additional boolean parameter, setFocusOnSegment, that can be used to control focus behavior (default value is false).
    • Adding comments to segments with track change on was not working. This is now fixed and is available without any changes to the method signature. In other words there's nothing to be done in your plugin. The fix affects all of the following methods:
      • AddCommentOnSegment
      • UpdateCommentOnSegment
      • DeleteCommentOnSegment
      • DeleteAllCommentsOnSegment
    • New information related to the current text selection in the Editor is now exposed:
      • row number
      • segment id
      • cursor position
      • information on empty or reversed selection
    • improved project notification
    For more information including code snippets, see the Integration API updates in Trados Studio 2017 CU9.


    Cumulative Update 8 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.6413.8, Released on 13 November 2017)

    Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 8 addresses the following issues:

    Trados Studio Application

    • This release features full compatibility with SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 SR1 whose release will be announced separately. This means, among other enhancements, that the upLIFT Match Repair and the upLIFT Fragment Match features are now also available for server-based translation memories. Earlier releases of SDL Trados Studio 2017 and SDL Trados Studio 2015 can also be used to connect to server-based TMs in SDL Trados GroupShare 2017 SR1, but upLIFT functionality will not be available for these earlier versions.
    • Because the changes made to word tokenization for Asian languages can impact workflows and word counting invoiced to translation service buyers, there is now a new option in the project creation wizard to Use word-based tokenization for Asian source languages. This is not selected by default, so the old way of counting characters is enabled unless you change this.
    • Fixed inconsistencies in character count and word count for character-based (Asian) languages.
    • Added support for dictionaries in the SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation provider. Besides translation engines, users can now configure and use dictionaries from their Language Cloud account. By design, this functionality works for baseline, trained and industry engines, but not for AdaptiveMT engines, where terminology changes are applied through post-editing results and the engine adapting to that terminology over time.
    • Enhanced the AutoUpdate user experience:
      • the settings for AutoUpdate in the Trados Studio are now more straightforward and there is a new option to download updates automatically
      • there is now a new notifications area for broadcasting news regarding the availability of new updates
      • this new functionality will replace the previous cumulative update flow for the next cumulative update after this one.
    • The SDLXLIFF Converter for Microsoft  Office plugin used to throw an error message when attempting to convert a file. This is now fixed.
    • When using the QuickInsert feature, the QuickTagList button is not enabled error was shown. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect repetition counting when using AdaptiveMT in the Analyze files batch task.
    • Fixed issue with settings not being saved when creating a new project based on previous project.
    • Fixed some help buttons not redirecting to correct help page.
    • Enhanced message prompts in the upLIFT fragment alignment workflow.
    • Fixed issue with saving Pre-translate files report when using the French user interface in Trados Studio.
    • Locked segments were not showing in the Locked Category in File Analysis. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed crash in the Trados Studio Editor and Batch Tasks while working with .sdlppx with Match Repair activated and having large termbases.
    • Log files for upgrading translation memories could not be deleted while Trados Studio was running. This is now fixed.
    • Changed the order of the terminology provider list so that the Language Cloud Terminology provider is now in the third position.
    • If the server TM list contained several thousand entries, the list could sometimes not be retrieved in Trados Studio. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed issue with file-based translation memory permissions that allowed a guest or translator user to open the file-based TM for editing in TM Maintenance view.
    • Fixed issue with saving changes in TM Maintenance view for TMs with Asian languages.
    Core Components and File Types
    • New versions of the following file types were added:
      • Microsoft Word 97-2003 (updated to DOC  v
      • Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 (updated to PPT v
      • Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (updated to XLS v
      • Rich Text Format (updated to RTF v
    These file types no longer require Microsoft Office to be installed for converting to translatable format, for instance for converting legacy Microsoft Excel XLS files. The old Rich Text Format (RTF v file type is now hidden. SDL advises that you move your projects to using the new file types as the older ones will gradually be discontinued.
    • The legacy Microsoft Word 2007-2013 file type was re-added to the file types list. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled if required for certain workflows involving older versions of SDL Trados Studio.
    • HTML file type:
      • Fixed issue occurring when importing two DTD files and the rules being extracted only for the second DTD.
      • When opening a file with additional elements in <head> element, the Object reference not set to an instance of an object error was thrown. This is now fixed.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX (PresentationML v. 1):
      • For some source files, paragraphs with symbols were not correctly saved to target. This is now fixed.
      • Fixed issue with all text succeed by wingding symbol being extracted as inline tag.
      • Fixed issue with embedded Excel charts and sheets not being extracted for translation.
      • Fixed issue with Textbox content not being extracted for translation.
      • Update from Reviewed Target File (Retrofit) failed with the Multiple tags with the same ID 'X' have different start properties error. This is now fixed.
    • Microsoft Excel XLSX (SpreadsheetML v. 1):
      • A new option to Read content ordered by column was added to the Common page that allows users to change the order of the extracted text from top left to bottom right by row to top left to bottom right by column (the order is opposite for Bi-Di). 
      • Fixed VLookup formulas not working automatically when target file is opened in Microsoft Excel.
    • Microsoft Word DOCX (WordprocessingML v. 2):
      • Fixed issue with track changes not being extracted due to tag pair merging.
      • Fixed issue with target file missing bold formatting applied from Studio when saving the file using Complex Scripts (Arabic, Persian).
      • Changed behaviour for the webHidden property in order to extract the text as normal text. 
      • Fixed issue with preview throwing the Unable to generate the file for previewing. The document may no longer be available error.
    • Bilingual Microsoft Excel:
      • Fixed XML mapping validation errors when opening Excel file that is connected to an Excel data file via XML maps.
    • FrameMaker MIF:
      • Fixed issue with empty cf tag being created for certain files.
      • Variable tags were not always included in segments as expected when occurring in certain tag structures. This is now fixed.
      • Symbol tags in FrameMaker files placed at the beginning or at the end of segment were not imported as translatable inline. This is now fixed.
      • Certain files could not be opened due to The document cannot be processed since it contains unexpected contents error. This is now fixed.
    • Alignment:
      • The alignment of XML files failed if order of non-translatable inline tag pairs was not the same in source and target file with the Multiple tags with the same ID 'X' have different start tag properties error. This is now fixed.
    • Portable Object:
      • Trados Studio was importing msgctxt fields for translation, if the contents of the field was spread across multiple lines. Multi-line msgctxt fields are now supported.
    • XLIFF (XLF):
      • Fixed SDLXLIFF validation error while translating a bilingual XLF file.
    • General:
      • Improved encoding detection for specific text/regex files.
      • Translation units that contain a number delimited by a comma or a full-stop could not be imported in Japanese > English (US) translation memories. This is now fixed.
      • Fixed issue with PerfectMatch not inserting all the matches and duplicating the segment numbers when using an XML file with embedded content processor.
      • Fixed user interface issues on some of the common settings pages (for Microsoft Word 2007-2016, FrameMaker MIF, Writer, Bilingual Excel and PDF file types).
      • Fixed several localization issues.

    Cumulative Update 7 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.6329.7, Released on 12 September 2017)

    Trados Studio 2017 SR1 Cumulative Update 7 addresses the following issues:

    Trados Studio Application

    • Fix: The browser version preset by Trados Studio no longer causes crashes in the Web Lookup app. This should increase the stability of SDL Trados Studio when also using the Web Lookup plug-in.
    • Fix: Edit/Delete Translation Unit now works as expected in SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 with both LookAhead on and LookAhead off.
    • Change: To optimize performance with very large TMs containing upLIFT fragments, the default setting for partial TU fragment matches has been set to off by default. This reinstates the behavior in pre-SR1 releases. To switch it back on, go to Project Settings > Language Pairs > Translation Memory and Automated Translation > Search and adjust the settings under TU fragment.
    • Change: LookAhead no longer prefetches segments where it has not found a result in the translation provider. This re-enables use cases where a high fuzzy match follows on to the current segment, or where you add a new term on the current segment that you expect to see in the next segment.
    • Fix: Critical bug fixed in the new Trados GroupShare file assignment functionality of the New Project wizard in Trados Studio 2017 SR1.
    • Change: The character counter in the Trados Studio status bar counts white spaces again (re-establishing default behavior before SR1).
    • Fix: Fixed the Unexpected exception when completing task 'Analyze Files': Invalid number of analysis bands. error when creating a package from a project with a server-based termbase.
    • Fix: Package creation with termbase no longer fails with a sharing violation when Match Repair is on.
    • Fix: Package creation no longer fails with the Failed to save project 'NP1' to '[TEMPFILE].sdlproj': Object reference not set to an instance of an object error under certain circumstances.
    • Change: CU7 introduces a new setting under Project Settings > Match Repair to indicate if match repair should be used in batch processing. The default is off to allow faster analysis and pre-translation during project preparation.
    Core Components and File Types
    • Translation memory engine: Fixed a problem where importing Japanese > English translation units with certain number formats could not be imported. Similarly, fixed a problem where a Japanese translation unit with certain number formats in the target segment could not be applied to a file, causing the An error has occurred while using the translation provider [...] Object reference not set to an instance of an object message.
    • Translation memory engine: Cyrillic characters are now recognized correctly as part of an alphanumeric string if they are followed by numbers.
    • Updated the Open XML SDK and OpenXmlPowerTools libraries to the latest version.
    • XML:
      • Fixed the Error opening import file! Index was outside the bounds of the array. when using a DTD file error.
      • When importing two DTD files, the rules are no longer extracted only for the second DTD.
      • Fixed a problem where a file could not be opened with the The document cannot be processed since it contains unexpected contents error being thrown.
    • XLIFF: Enhanced the behaviour such that the target comment is no longer shown as source comment when creating a new project with an XLIFF file.
    • DOCX (WordprocessingML v. 2): Extracted and translated document properties are no longer written back in escaped format in the target translation.
    • HTML:
      • Fixed the Object reference not set to an instance of an object  error when opening a file with additional elements in the HEAD element.
      • Fixed a problem where the Enable Entity Conversion button did not work correctly.
    • PPTX (PresentationML v. 1):
      • Paragraphs with symbol characters are now written correctly to the target file.
      • Embedded Excel content is now extracted correctly for translation.
      • Fixed a problem where text following a symbol character was not offered for translation.
      • Fixed a problem where text in a text box was not extracted for translation.
      • Fixed a problem where cropped pictures led to the"Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" error during import.
    • XLSX (SpreadsheetML v. 1):
      • Added a new option to retain Trados Studio target comments in the target file (in the same way as like the Microsoft Word file type).
      • The new Microsoft Excel file type is now listed first in the default file types list.
      • Fixed a problem where VLookup formulas were not working automatically when the target file was opened in Microsoft Excel.
    • Bilingual Excel:
      • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to process files with a column width of 255 or higher.
      • Fixed a problem where the file type was not identified correctly.
    • FrameMaker MIF:
      • Fixed a problem where an empty formatting (cf) tag was created under certain circumstances.
      • Fixed a problem where variable tags were not always included in segments as expected when occurring in certain tag structures.
      • Fixed a problem where symbol tags in Adobe FrameMaker files placed at the beginning or at the end of segment were not imported as translatable inline tags.

    Cumulative Update 6 for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 (Build 14.1.6284.6, Released on 1 August 2017)

    Cumulative Update 6 addresses the following issues:
    • Removed all default keyboard shortcuts from the new Language Cloud sign in functionality so that it no longer interferes with frequent special characters in languages such as Polish.
    • Changed Trados Studio behaviour such that the AdaptiveMT, the industry and the custom engines are displayed correctly for all language variants in a project.
    • Updated the PDF file type to enable full support for the IRIS OCR add-on. The IRIS add-on is an app for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 or higher that provides support for recognizing text in scanned PDF documents with Asian content. It uses advanced OCR technology to recognise Asian characters and convert them as faithfully as possible to translatable content in SDL Trados Studio, within the limitations imposed by the PDF file format. The app integrates with the PDF file type in SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 CU6 or later. The IRIS add-on is available on the App Store.

    Downloading and Installing Cumulative Updates

    A cumulative update is automatically applied when you use the AutoUpdate functionality available in SDL Trados Studio. AutoUpdate is turned on by default, so you will automatically be notified of the update as soon as it is available. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and apply the update.

    NOTEApplying the update may take some time, as the SDL Trados Studio installation is analysed before the update to ensure the patch can be installed successfully. As a rule of thumb, applying the patch will take roughly the same time as installing the application. SDL recommends that you use AutoUpdate. However, you can also apply the patch manually, as follows:

    1. Close SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1.
    2. Download the ZIP file from our FTP site (Username: sdlpatches, password: 5dlpatch35).
    3. The ZIP file contains an executable (.exe) file. Extract this to a temporary folder of your choice, such as C:\temp. The .exe file applies to all editions of SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1.
    4. Double-click the .exe files. This will launch the installer which will install the latest updates in the SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 installation folder as appropriate.
    After the update release has been installed and Studio and/or your PC restarted, the issues described in this article should no longer occur.

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